I’ve been a people manager for more than a decade and in all of those years I’ve found that one simple tip and an hour/month for a team member can make the people you manage happier AND more productive and generally make your job as a manager easier and more enjoyable.

My tip is actually pretty simple, but often overlooked: deeply care about the people that you manage and work with and you’ll increase employee retention, satisfaction, and business outcomes.

The tool enables you to communicate with those on your team about what drives them to do good work which…

The purpose of this note is to share what I’ve learned in my journey for work-life balance in my career.


You’re looking at your team’s satisfaction survey results and see that work-life balance is low…again. Break out the brainstorms, create team-wide no-meeting times, etc. It helps…for about a month. Then the next fire pops up and it’s back to crazy hours, back-to-back meetings, and endless chat threads. You wonder, is work-life-balance attainable, or is it just some impossible Eden that no one ever achieves? …

When Data Alone Won’t Solve a Disagreement

Your project is going along fine when all of a sudden you have the disagreement…you know, the one that you’ve had a hundred times before and you know won’t be solved easily. The disagreement comes in many forms, but it boils down to you thinking you’re right while the other person or team is wrong and no data or framework can convince one side of the other’s POV. While many disputes can be settled with data, there is a whole other bucket of them that aren’t even ready for data yet.

The purpose…

The purpose of this note is to lay out a philosophy to grow a product by focusing on user value (as opposed to hacks) and to explain why this type of growth is inextricably tied to a deep understanding of people-problems.

Imagine that your manager just told you that your team needs to buckle down and “focus on growth”. Your stomach churns. You begin to imagine the magnificent product work you had planned for the future flying out the window, never to be fully realized. All of the negative connotations that follow the word “Growth” start circling in your head…

Chris Hatfield

I'm a Product Manager who loves to solve problems at the intersection of how to help people get value out of complex ecosystems and how people make decisions.

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