I’ve been a people manager for more than a decade and in all of those years I’ve found that one simple tip and an hour/month for a team member can make the people you manage happier AND more productive and generally make your job as a manager easier and more…

When Data Alone Won’t Solve a Disagreement

Your project is going along fine when all of a sudden you have the disagreement…you know, the one that you’ve had a hundred times before and you know won’t be solved easily. The disagreement comes in many forms, but it boils down to…

The purpose of this note is to lay out a philosophy to grow a product by focusing on user value (as opposed to hacks) and to explain why this type of growth is inextricably tied to a deep understanding of people-problems.

Imagine that your manager just told you that your…

Chris Hatfield

I'm a Product Manager who loves to solve problems at the intersection of how to help people get value out of complex ecosystems and how people make decisions.

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